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JOMOO Won Japan's Good Design Award 2019!

Wed Oct 09 08:42:29 CST 2019 1203Hits
On October 2, Japan's Good Design Award announced the recipients for 2019 and 3 JOMOO products won the Award. The Good Design Award 2019 started accepting entries on April 3, following the screening of 4,772 entries, only about 30 award-winning sanitary wares have been determined.  


GROW is a collection of bathroom furnishings, including ceramics and furniture, adapted to the needs of young families in limited living space. The thoughtfully compiled collection grows with the specific needs of young families. Considering the fact, that many of these bathrooms measure not more than 3sqm resulted in products with compact dimensions and surprising functionality.

from Good Design Award jury

This collection includes ceramics products and cabinets. The main target group is for young couples who live in small apartments. With the limited space, the bathroom furniture needs to be multifunction and space-saving. Considering the economy price, I think the overall design quality is a great deal for what you paying for. The collection objects look in harmony together.


The product line is designed as a platform to meet different requirements, needs and price points, for example from schools and train stations, to restaurants, shopping centers, and luxury hotels. PUBLIC LINE also won the German ICONIC Awards 2019, German Innovation Award 2019, Reddot Award: Product Design 2019.

from Good Design Award jury

This is a modern designed public bathroom solution. It selects urinals with advertisement displayers and faucets with built-in soap dispensers to meet the humanization requirement of public toilets.


SPOUT has integrated the multifunction in one so that to meet the different needs of users. 

from Good Design Award jury

This is a handheld showerhead. The unique design is this shower head has a sprinkler on top for bathtub and bathroom cleaning. It's a very small idea, but the jury thinks we should encourage more companies to keep discovering the needs and pain points on a lot of ordinary daily products, not just to improve the aesthetic. On the ordinary showerhead design, JOMOO has done a good job.

Up to now, we already own more than 5000 patents and have won many world-renowned design awards, including 21 iF Design Awards, 21 Reddot Design Awards, 3 German Design Awards and the German ICONIC Awards, etc.

The Good Design Award, as one of the four greatest design awards in the world, also makes efforts to make a contribution to enhance the industry or the quality of life through the design.     

The award has been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957. G-Mark, the symbol of the Award has been recognized widely as a mark representing good design.


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