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Inspired by Nature—JOMOO Vitality Faucet

Fri Apr 12 15:05:19 CST 2019 492Hits

JOMOO Vitality Video 1.png

The sights and sounds of nature create a sense of tranquility and comfort. That is why the trend of natural elements in home decor is the perfect fit for the bathroom.


From the organic and beautiful imperfections of stone and wood to a flood of natural light streaming through a large picture window, simple earthy elements can create an oasis in your own home.

JOMOO Vitality Video 2.png

Many excellent design inspirations derive from the posture of natural plants. JOMOO Vitality Faucet is such a masterpiece.

JOMOO Vitality Video 3.png

"There are thousands of ideas in my mind, but I will pick the best one and make it true."

---JOMOO Vitality Designer

JOMOO Vitality faucet 1.jpg

The collision of natural ecology and the modern industry generates familiar rather than cold feelings. JOMOO Vitality Faucet looks alive and energetic as it "grows" naturally in the bathroom. In addition, it won the Reddot Award 2014 Winner, confirming its excellence again!

JOMOO Vitality faucet 4.jpg

With an integrated design handle, You can turn on the tap in a more natural way even without hands, just swing your arms in an inconvenient situation, which provides brand new washing experience!

JOMOO Vitality faucet 3.jpg

Furthermore, tested by salt spray for 48 hours, it has an outstanding resistant performance to corrosion and chemicals, ensuring the bright surface for 10 years without rust.

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