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Why My Bathroom Smells Bad When It Seems Clean?

Mon Aug 27 13:50:12 CST 2018 1000Hits

Source Adequate Man - Deadspin.jpg

Source: Adequate Man - Deadspin

Have you ever walked into your bathroom and smelled an unusual odor but don't know where it comes from?


There are a few reasons this smell could appear out of nowhere in your home’s bathroom. Check out our guide below to get a better idea of where exactly this sewer smell in the bathroom could be coming from, and how to deal with them.

1. Water in P-Trap Has Evaporated

The first reason you could be noticing a sewer gas smell in the bathroom has to do with the water in your bathroom's P-Trap evaporating, which leaves the room susceptible to odors. So what is the P-Trap and why do you need it? It's the section of piping underneath your sink that is shaped like a "U".


 JOMOO bathroom cabinet P trap.png

JOMOO bathroom cabinet


In normal plumbing circumstances, when everything is working well, a little bit of water remains in the P-Trap after you do the following: flush your toilet, turn off the faucet or empty the bathtub in your bathroom.


This bit of water that regularly remains in the P-Trap basically acts as a barrier. As you can see in the image above, the water prevents sewer gases from entering your bathroom.

How to solve that? Try pouring about a quart of water into every drain within your bathroom. This should do the trick to fill the P-Trap and block the odor. It’s normal to hear gurgling sounds after you do this. If the odor doesn’t go away shortly after, there may be something else causing the smell.


2. Floor Drain

This something else that’s causing the sewer smell could have to do with a poorly sealed floor drain. Being hiding underground, the pipe of the floor drain is the paradise for bacteria to breed and the criminal for outpouring odor.


JOMOO multiple sealing floor drain.jpg

JOMOO multiple sealing floor drain


JOMOO floor drain features professional anti-odor technology. It's equipped with a wise cover applying Lever Principle, super magnet, and premium rubber sealing, effectively stop any bugs and odor inside the trap from getting out.

JOMOO multiple sealing floor drain.gif

JOMOO multiple sealing floor drain


3. Toilet Liquid Trap-Seal

Does smell come from your toilet? You may regard it as a normal source, but you actually can reduce that with proper liquid trap-seal in the toilet. JOMOO ceramic toilet, equipped with 55mm liquid trap-seal, cutting off the channel between the trap under the toilet and the air in the room, can effectively reduce the bad smell, and it's sprayproof.

JOMOO trap-seal of ceramic toilet.png

JOMOO trap-seal of ceramic toilet


4. Sink Overflow

Check to see if your sink has an overflow mechanism. As shown in the image below, this hole provides a bit of relief if the sink is overfilled. Like most appliances near water, it can build up grime in no time, so it could be contributing to the smell.

JOMOO bathroom basin.jpg

JOMOO bathroom basin


Using a small bottle brush, try cleaning out the overflow hole to wipe away any buildup. You can also use a turkey baster to mix a solution of half chlorine bleach and half water. This will help clear out any grime (never mix chlorine bleach with anything else but water!)

5. Inconspicuous Corners

There are some neglected corners in your bathroom during every cleaning work, such as bathroom cabinets, the back of the toilet, or the gap — they can be easily overlooked. Coupled with wet and humid, it's very easy to breed bacteria and produce bad smell.

Inconspicuous Corners.jpg

Therefore, when cleaning the bathroom, you should pay more attention to the sanitary corner, leaving nowhere for the smell to hide!

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