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Inset or Above the Counter? Choose the Right Basin!

Thu Aug 16 14:23:04 CST 2018 429Hits

JOMOO basin.jpg

JOMOO Bathroom Basin

Among all the basins styled differently, which one meets your need mostly depends on the size of your bathroom and how much room available.


The first step to choosing a basin is to decide who will be using it. Adults, children, guests or all three? This is important when considering how many basins you need, what shape and material. If you experience the 'morning rush hour', then a double basin might come in handy. 

JOMOO bathroom basin under counter.jpg

JOMOO Bathroom Basin


Are you going for a classic look, or soft-edged and organic, or perhaps something minimalist and contemporary? Whatever you decide, be clear about your choice and stick to it. With the number of basin designs out there, knowing exactly the look you're after will help you make the right choice. 

above and under counter basin pic.png

Above Counter Basins and Under Counter Basins are the most common types, here's a concise evaluation between them.

- 1 -

Above counter basin

JOMOO above counter basin.jpg

They are ideal for tall people because the rims are positioned above waist level. This design can also compensate for low counters in the bathroom. 


Stylish [ ★★★★ ]

Getting rid of the limitation of the counter, these sinks are available in every material from stone to ceramics to transparent glass, leaving chances for you to make a powerful design statement!


Installation [ ★★★★ ]

These are the easiest bathroom basins to install since they do not require tapholes or advanced plumbing to mount in place.


Storage [ ★★★ ]

This kind of basin would take up some space for the cabinet above, which influences the storage capability. 


Easy to Clean? [ ★★ ]

Sadly no. As it's set above the counter, you need to pay more attention to the clean dead corners along the basin's edge to avoid mildewing.

JOMOO sailing.png

JOMOO SAILING above counter basin

- 2 -

Under counter basin

JOMOO under counter basin cabinet.jpg

They are ideal for children or old people because it features a rimless safety appearance and is easier to reach.


Stylish [ ★★★ ]

The basin is installed underneath the vanity level, creating a streamlined minimalist look. But limited by the counter size, they tend to be more humble than stylish.


Installation [ ★★ ]

This bathroom basin design is fairly complex to install because a custom shaped cavity must be cut into the counter to accommodate the sink. Also, they only work with sturdy countertop materials that need no edge treatment, such as granite.


Storage [ ★★★★ ]

Designed to give more usable vanity space, these basins overhang the vanity space. 


Easy to Clean? [ ★★★★ ]

Yes! Under-counter basins are a sleek look, and so very easy to keep clean. Sweep the counter and done. Marvelous.


JOMOO under counter basin

Above all, be bold, be beautiful, and best wishes from JOMOO for you to have a beautiful new bathroom.

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